1. Do I Really Need a Logo If I Am Just Starting My Business?

Absolutely. Small businesses today face the challenge to create a long lasting solid first impression. Key issues in establishing corporate identity for a starting or small business rest in establishing goals, business plans and image. But most tend to forget that the first realization of your business is brought upon by the company logo. This important consideration in creating a corporate identity will enable the small business build an existence in its field of choice and will show others that the company cares about its image.

Why Should I Choose a Creative Logo to Create My Custom Logo Design?

Starting at just $148 you can have a corporate image to rival anyone in the business.
You will see your initial compositions in 4-5 business days or sooner!
We are not new in this area. Our designers have the experience and knowledge required to create a good quality work, and we take great pride in it. We believe we can provide you with unsurpassed quality at an incredible price.

3.when Do You Start Working on My Logo Design Project?

We will start working on your project as soon as we receive your complete creative brief and payment confirmation.

4.how Long Does It Take Before I Can See My Logo Design Concept Samples?

Your samples will be presented to you 4 to 5 business days (depending on the logo package you chose).

5.How can I see my logo design concept samples?

After we receive your payment we will create a private web page for you where we will upload your samples.

6.Is all of the work handled via the Internet?

Yes. Projects are started online and the compositions are displayed on your private project web page when they are ready.

7.How many changes may I ask for my logo?

Depending on the logo package you chose, unlimited changes can be applied to your chosen logo, until you are 100% satisfied.

8.What if I don't like any of the initial logo designs?

You will be presented with three completely new logo variations.

9.What if I have my own idea for the logo design?

Any ideas or special requests you may have for your logo you may indicate in your logo request, or contact your project coordinator. Please be as specific as possible.

10.Can you redesign my existing logo?

Yes. Please provide us with the latest version of your logo, and mention it in your logo request.

11.Who keeps rights of the created logo?

All the rights of the Artwork and Logos we create for our customers belong to our customers. We keep only the right to display your logo as part of our logo portfolio.

12.What files will I get with my logo order?

With all the packages we offer, you will get optimized bitmap files for the WEB: (*.GIF, *.JPEG), high-resolution image (*.TIFF), scalable vector files for printing (*.ai, *.cdr), and (*.doc) files.

13.Why does A Creative Logo deliver so many different file formats?

For your convenience, we assemble all the formats you'll need for most forms of reproduction, such as: web, traditional, electronic, word processing. They're all here. Any additional formats and artwork can be created, you just have to contact our staff.

14.What files will I get if I order A Complete Package?

Everything we offer in the Starter and Special packages, plus your stationery layout files (up to 5 business cards, letterhead and envelope design) in ready to print format.

15.What is a vector scalable file?

Vector files are files that you can resize, scale, and even change colors or fonts without loosing any quality or resolution on your image. It's best to make GIFs or any other bitmap formats you may need for your web site. Vector files are mostly used by professional designers or print shops.

16.How can I use vector files?

Vector files are used on specific vector based software applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. We will provide you with both formats.

17.What is bitmap file?

Bitmap files are more popular, and are the best to use on the Web. You may use them the most in word applications, they are small in size, but hard to modify because of their poor resolution. You may notice a big distortion in your image if you try to scale a bitmap file. The most popular bitmap files are GIF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

18.How can I use bitmap files?

Bitmap files may be used in a large variety of software applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Photo Paint or many other programs. They can be opened in most word processing applications such as Microsoft Word and many web design programs.

19. Why do the colors look different when I print my logo?

Our logo files have been developed for commercial printers. Many popular home/office printers cannot always reproduce the colors accurately. This problem can also be because your monitor and printer are not calibrated. Many colors that we see on our monitors cannot be reproduced at all by printers; this is because of the different technologies used to represent colors. Monitors can produce a wider range of colors than a printer can.

20. How is the material shipped?

For your convenience, your files can be downloaded right from your private web page; also we zipped and send the files via e-mail. If you need the files on a CD for backup, we can always ship via Federal Express (service charges may apply).

21. I have all my files, now what do I do?

Once you have the files, you can go to your commercial printer and start applying your logo. You can also take along the stationary files we sent you, and have your professional stationary printed.

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